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What Is 602-2-Invest?

602-2-Invest simplifies the real estate process whether you are looking to buy a home for the first time or invest in real estate. With 602-2-Invest, you'll have special access to an expert team dedicated to helping you. 

Is it time for you to start investing in yourself instead of your landlord? Or maybe you'd like to take yourself a step further and invest in real estate. Pick your course of action below and start investing in YOUR FUTURE!


Call 602-2-Invest (602-246-8378) to start today!

Meet the Founder

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Andrew Thruston is a native to Arizona and began his career in residential real estate in 2004. He has successfully represented thousands of clients and counting, since. Known by clients, friends, and colleagues alike for his positivity, honesty and extreme work ethic, Andrew also understands that one person cannot serve you and all other customers affectively simultaneously. With the team that Andrew has put together, you’ll be well taken care of!

Andrew started the 602-2-Invest program because over time, he would hear stories everyday of people that were not sure if buying a home could be a reality for them, were overwhelmed by the process, didn’t feel they got the help they needed, and even started looking for houses and were disappointed when they realized that there are steps to take before and missed out on the home of their dreams.

This is where 602-2-Invest comes in. 602-2-Invest is part of the P. J. Hussey Real Estate division with the goal to simplify and take some of the stress out of buying real estate. Created out of a need and designed just for you!

And when Andrew is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife (Jessica Thruston) and their 3 children (Caden Thruston, Kyler Thruston, and Katie Thruston). Married before God in 2006, he is deeply committed to his wife and family.